What DivX will a LVW-5027HC+ actually play?

Had this unit for a while and so far have not found any divx/xvid files that it will play, it sees them but give an error message and says unknown file type or something - I am conversant with conversion programs but just don’t know what settings the 5027 will accept - Has anybody with other Liteon DivX models had any success and if so what were the DivX specs?


To me, it looks like an issue with either the resolution, bit-rate, audio codec or file extensions. In most cases a DivX enabled Lite-On will attempt to play any any DivX file thown at it with a proper file extension and audio track. This also includes settings it does not support, such as GMC, although generally it comes out as broken/jumpy video, rather than just an error message.

For start, check that the source video is a standard resolution, such as 352x288, 704x576 or 720x576 for PAL or 352x240, 704x480 or 720x480 for NTSC or try converting it. Then check that the audio codec is either AC3 or MP3. If you use any other audio codec, such as MP4, AAC, etc. this will cause playback issues. If this is the case, try using MP3. If the resolution and audio codec’s are fine, next try lowering the bitrate, e.g. try a very low bitrate (such as 512kbps), as this will quickly determine whether or not the bitrate is the culprit. Finally, try a dedicated DivX encoding application, as these are more likely to produce DivX encodings with better compatibility.

One tool definitely worth trying is the official DivX converter as this creates DivX encodings that are suppose to be compliant with the specified profile. For the Lite-On, choose the “Home Theater” profile:


If this tool does not work, then it may be disc writing software or the discs at fault.

Thanks Sean,

Heres the info from Winavi - Its a HD capture from US TV guess I will have to keep playing with settings but will give your link as try…TVM

===== File Info =====
FileSize : 699M
PlayTime : 00:42:14.826
VideoCount : 1
AudioCount : 1
===== Video Info =====
Video 0# Stream
VideoCodec : XVID
VideoWidth : 960 piexs
VideoHeight : 528 piexs
VideoFrameRate : 23.976fps
VideoFrameCount : 60775
VideoBitRate : 1918957
===== Audio Info =====
Audio 0# Stream
AudioCodec : AC3
AudioBitRate : 384000
AudioChannels : 2
AudioSampleRate : 48000


I can confirm that the DivX converter does do the job! (Home Theatre Profile) - I have tried the ‘High Def profile’ and it doesn’t play. Thanks for the info :clap: