What DivX DVD Player Should I choose?

I am looking for a more stable DVD/DivX player than my current Kiss DP 1500 as it always hangs while watching films,
I have tried many types of media so I know that is not the problem, oh and also updated the firmware to no effect.

I would be very happy if some of you who actually play DivX movies on your DVD players could recommend your players?

Regards & thanks!


Philips DVP5140

Thanks for the quick reply!

Ill do a “whois” on it, oh does it have the ability to update firmware? thus supporting new codecs?

Anyone else?

Bosh, I was wondering which DVD player to buy for Christmas, I’ll get me one of them.

Well I would recommend the beast that I currently own but not sure if you can get it in the UK or if you could afford it. This sucker plays almost as many files as my XBOX to say nothing of it’s other abilities. The picture quality of other players just doesn’t compare: