What disks with this DVD Writer? keeps failing! (Samsung SH-S182M DVD Writer, Black)

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S182M DVD Writer, Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi everyone

i`m a Newbie :bigsmile:

i really need some help on this problem i have
my Samsung SH-182M DVD Writer is playing up
have had it about 2 years now, maybe slightly longer
dont use it that often to be honest, until now! :a

i use Verbatim blank DVD disks which are DVD-R
they are 4.7GB and 16 speed disks
i have tried Nero, Roxio and various other programs at 4 - 8 speeds
(always thought it best to use slower speeds? not sure?)
i`m trying to burn MP3 Albums from my personal collection off my hard drive on to these blanks as a DVD data disk, and also some rock concerts and movies etc

every time i use the DVD writer (90% of the time) it keeps failing 3 quarters of the way through! and then i have to chuck the damn disk away!
i have upgraded the Driver/Firmware today, but haven’t tried burning anymore disks as its costing me money once they are ruined!
am i using the wrong disks? is DVD-R rubbish or something?
so far i must have wasted over 10 disks! :a:a:a

help ! lol

Try a burn with your updated firmware and then post the burn log.

Post the log from Nero here.