What disks do u use

sorry guys prob another stupid question but can anyone tell me what blank media they use to backup movies and ps2 games i did use ritek printable but when i played the movie it just got digital brake up so just wondering what people recomend thanks

the right media to use is dependant on your burner. first check with the manufacturer of your burner to see what media they recommend for your drive. you can also check in the media forum to see what other people with your brand of burner have found to be good media for your particular burner.

Wait for sale and load up on Made in Japan media. I usually look for MIJ Fuijs…both CD-Rs and DVD+Rs.

I have a lite-on burner and have had gool luck with Sony and Memorex. Amd not so good luck with Verbatum.

Stick with the media that works well for you.


I use Ricohjpn +R media also with my Lite-on 1633S. To be quite honest though, I have had very little problems with +R media and this drive. I seem to have alot more problems with -R media.

Is this because your burner likes + media better ?

It is said that the Liteons like the DVD+ media better. I have a Liteon and have only burned used DVD+ since the firmware is set to change the booktype to DVD-Rom for greater compatibility with stand alone players.
I have had great success with Taiyo Yuden and the Ricoh JPN’s.

I wouldn’t be using any Memorex media if I were you, it’s a crapshoot of what your getting. May work fine now but when you take it off the shelf in 6 months that may not be the case, if crap dye was used it may have deteriorated. Media is cheap enough these days so for the pennies difference it’s just not worth the risk.
All the big retail stores carry them so you may think they’re good, but they’re not.