What discs are in a cakebox?



Please help me see what brand of disc is inside a CD-R spindle by looking at the spindle. Thanks!


You mean the manufacturer? Because the brand should be splashed all over the spindle/cakebox. :wink:

A forum search will pull up threads on how to identify discs made by CMC, MBIL etc (too many to list here, so easier for you to search), and if you take a look at our Taiyo Yuden FAQ sticky, I believe there’s a bit in there about the distinctive cake box design that Taiyo Yuden use.


There aren’t that many major manufacturers left.

Gray base = often Ritek. Usually good quality.
“OPEN / LOCK” in serif font (occasionally + tall upper lip) = most likely CMC. Usually good quality.
Rough base = Moser Baer India. Not necessarily my favourite.

Taiyo Yuden has a distinctive cake box type (as described in the FAQ) but similar cakeboxes are also used by some competitors such as Platinum/Tevion (BestMedia) that sell all kinds of stuff that can be had for cheap on the spot market.