What digital camera

I only have £300 to spend and am interested in the sony dsc-p72 any other suggestions

tell me if you think this is a bad choice …and why?

well, i’m sorry to say that I don’t know much about the sony cameras, but I can say that I have used several models of olympus caneras, and they work very well, and I highly reccomend them.

good luck with your camera serach

Sony camera’s produce nice pictures, but are too expensive. Their camera’s only work with Sony accu’s and Memorysticks. Those are both too expensive.

I do own a Olympus C-300 Zoom and I must say that I really am satisfied with this 3MP cam. It only costs about ?400 and that’s not too bad for quite a good 3MP cam.

There are many good camera’s out there, with each of them their strong and their weak points. I’d suggest you to take a look at this great site about camera’s. You’ll find many reviews, lots of information and facts there!

Personally, I’d get another Canon. I’ve owned a S200 and A20 in the past few years and planning on getting one w/ higher MP, like the S45 soon. I found Canon digicams to have the most consumer friendly and intuitive button layout, not to mention easy to navigate software menu. Besides Steve’s DigiCam, you can also check out Digital Photography Review for in depth review on the latest digicams. These are the only two sites I trust.