What digital camera for about £200?

any suggestions/good offers for a dig camera for about £200? I’ve looked on pcindex for prices but being new to the subject I wouldn’t know which to pick…


W/ a 200 lb. budget, you’re not gonna get anything decent to say the least. I suggest you save up your money now and get one when you reach $400 for a 3 MegaPixel digicam at minimum. You could buy a cheap 2.1MP digicam now, but it’ll be like throwing your money away.

For about $320 you can get a descent 2MP cam nowadays.

Ok, 2MP isn’t everything, but for many people this is sufficient 2MP cams produce pictures of 1600x1200 pixels and that’s quite good for many people. Especially if you print them on standard picture size (9x13cm) the quality can be quite good.

I’d suggest to visit www.stevies-digicams.com and look for some results made by various 2MP cams. A cam that I’d buy, is the C220 from Olympus. It’s pretty cheap and the picture quality is quite good. I own a C300 (3MP) from Olympus and I’m really satisfied with it…

Buy Fuji.

Good images
Easy interfacing w PC

Buy on ebay - lots of sellers with new not 2nd hand cameras. Better prices than the shops.

Friend of mine bought this:
recently and it’s more than OK for entry level.

I use the Nikon Coolpix-2500.

thanks folks. will have a look at some of those mentioned