What difference between R, R- and R+ DVD?

I am ignorant. I have both a CD R?W and a DVD R/W drive. I was able to burn DVD R+ of a slideshow with SonicMYDVD that plays on my DVD player to my TV set. I was also able to burn file backups to a R+ DVD using Record Now. Right now I have HP DVD R+ and HP CD R/W media. I do know that you can rewrite to CD R/W but it may be unreliable to write it more than once or twice. I have file backups on R/W CDs but want the larger DVDs for that purpose.

So What is the diffrence between DVD (and perhaps CD) R, R- and R+ ?
I think I understand R?W but even there I may be wrong. I need help with the DVD formats because I don’t know what will work and what won’t on my Sony DVD player to my TV set. I browsed the FAQ but didn’t see this answered there.

I am quite computer competent and have A 3.2G P2, 1G ram with no networking except dialup. We can’t get high speed at this location unless satallite - too expensive.

Larry Costa
Colorado USA

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PLEASE tell us what burner you have and we may be able to help you!!!



Hi, My burner is a Sony DRU-530A. The box says DVD+R 8x, DVD-R and RW and DVD RW at 4x, plus a bunch o CD capabilities up to 40x. Is the Difference beween R- and R+ media only the speed?


8x is 8x in either -R or +R - my friends tell me that the Sonys prefer the +R media - get some Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s from www.rima.com for $35 plus shipping - Excellent media from an Excellent vendor at an Excellent price - you won’t be disappointed-

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Yeah Sony’s are +R writers with -R support, not the other way around…there isn’t a huge differnce between the two, just -R is slightly more compatible

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You can close this thread now. I will be using +R media to write DVDs.
Larry in Cololorado

I do believe the 530A is in fact a rebadged Lite-On, or was it the 540 when they started doing that? Anyways, all of the late model Sony DVD Burners are re-badged Lite-Ons.