WHAT did YOU say about ME?



The game is very simple: I start with commenting on a certain user telling something I know of him/her (it’s allright to bullshit) and the next one comments on me. The third person comments on the second and so on.

Simple example:
Airhead wipes his ass with old newspapers!

Now cmr2004x replies:
Dee-ehn killed my neighbours cat!

And GeneSimmons tells us:
Cmr2004x is the only user that got real nude pics of Domi

And so on and so on…

So the first reply will be a comment on me… and we’ll continu from there :slight_smile:

Oy yeah… if you want to flame the crew: go straught ahead… we don’t care, no sanctions and no hard feelings!


Dee-ehn is a hippie that likes old rock. :smiley:


Ssseth broke the cupholder in his computer.


Even though Chriso live in Liverpool he does not like liver nor pools!


In the tradition of Oiler coach Bum Phillips: When asked by Sir Ciberwiz why he takes his wife on all the road trips, Ssseth responded, “Because she is too damn ugly to kiss goodbye.”


No need to get so personal buddy, leave my family out of this. I have no problems taking a joke as long as it’s pointed at me :frowning:

hburrows83 smokes too much.


Ssseth, eats dog poo to make his breath smell FRESH.


Some time ago, johnboywalton found out (in a kind of unpleasant way) that his beautiful big breasted secretary is actually a guy!


Dee-ehn told me yesterday that he has a G-spot!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Psst… i heard Namoh never translated Alcoholer , but instead paid someone to do it for him … :bigsmile:


I heard Mr. Belvedere’s a real penguin.


$CyBeRwIz$ can flush a toilet by telepathy!!


Namoh has been cheating on BlindWrite and Alcohol with CloneCD.


I heard that Womble isn’t even british :slight_smile:


spooky20 wears ladies underwear to work


how the hell you know that :wink:

Airhead is his nick and he choose that because his head is really full of air :rolleyes:


Scientific research indicates that the air that comes out of spooky20 is more harmfull to the ozon layer than all Australian sheep.


I heard that BeeR_DoG is collecting Swedish beer for the taste of it./gs.


(psssst, gene, you are not following the rules! You cant just backtalk anyone you like… You have to backtalk Wannez! :p)


(hrrrrm sorry!)/gs.