What did you get for xmas?

So, about 3 hours and 46 minutes ago, xmas has begun in the Netherlands. I did not get any presents (besides a good blo euh let it be;)) yet, but I expect to have some nice ones within a couple of hours.

Oh wait a moment, I already got my digicam… that was a xmas gift I gave myself.

So what did you guys and girls get?

A new watch and a leather jacket. Not bad, but I wanted that dvd burner…

Uhmmm … it’s 2:49 AM here … Santa just finished and is going to have a stiff belt and hit the sack … in about four hours I’ll let you know what the old fart left …

3 goddamned pairs of socks from my uncle Vasiliy… :cool:

Bought myself a new dvd player ( The Philips 640) and got a payment done on my car from my parents (way early x-mas gift).

I’m gonna give my old crappy dvd player to my brother (he’s been bugging me for a dvd player for weeks) and i’ve heard he’s also gonna give me something tomorrow… we’ll see :slight_smile:

Nothing yet

LiteOn 48x24x48 burner :slight_smile:

replacing my Diamond Data 32x10x4

star wars 2 dvd

DVD system with surround sound speaker system. Now I can shake the walls with the bass.:bigsmile:

Merry Christmas to all.

I just got a small payment on my digicam from my parents, and a weekend to Belgium from my girlfriend… but I already knew that i’ll be getting that :slight_smile:

An Asus 4816A CDR-W to make backups :wink: an acoustic guitar, oh yeah, and a Toyota 4-runner, (Bought that one for myself) heh heh
Merry Christmas all:o

A pioneer elite dvd-video, dvd-audio, sacd, vcd, svcd, mp3, cd player. A liteon 52/24/52 burner, and a compaq ipaq, and splinter cell for xbox.

What did I get?
-a 6-dvd box about Hitler (studying history ;))
-Episode II DVD. Too bad SSJGoku has that one too, maybe I should change it
-50 € from my parents and the same from my grandparents
-a belt
-something from my girl

I asked world peace, but hey, you can’t have it all :slight_smile:

one of those cool lamps (straight from 70’s :wink: ), those with floating coloured wax - mine is trasparent water with red wax; a lotr dvd (fu*k! it is region 1!!! but i have already asked around for a mod :bigsmile: ); three books (the new one by hawking, a set of stories collected by hornby and the talented mr. ripley in english); a nightmare before christmas dvd (how i love that movie!!!); a lcd 15" samsung monitor, but it came more than a month ago, so i’m not sure if it counts :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, wait: i gifted myself an up in smoke tour (dts edition) and a fight club (special 2-disked edition) dvd!!!

I got;

[li]Apex 24" TV
[/li][li]DVD-ROM drive (which I will exchange for a less crappy model)
[/li][li]40GB HDD
[/li][li]Various Articles of Clothing
[/li][li]Electric Shaver
[/li][li]Ceramic Auto Heater!!!1

I guess I bought myself a Memorex 48MAXX and a Pioneer DEH-P840MP

I got LOTR (the extended version with 4 DVDs)
a GeForce 4 Ti4200
and ski boots. :cool:

A english-french-swiss-italian-belgian-marockon movie in yugoslavic :slight_smile:

(And a XP2100+, new mobo and RAM. But I got that just before christmas :))

10 1 lb bags of skittles…

mmmmmmmm skittles

$50 gift cards for circuit city and hastings.
star wars 2 and minority report on dvd.
Blank cds out the arse.
128cd case
dvd player
cool knife
stocking stuffer candy
more useless lights for my cell phone
a jacket.

Can’t wait to watch my movies, and burn some cds. I haven’t had blanks in like a month, so i have quite a bit of burning to do.:slight_smile:

A box of chocolates…and a lot of traumas I will have to see a psychiatrist about for the next couple of years…