What did you forget this morning?

We all know that feeling … after you close your front door … and then you wonder … have I got my keys?

Or after you jump on the train/plane for a two week trip and wonder … did I turn all the lights off?

So the question is … what did you forget this morning?

Nothing. What was there to forget on a Sunday?

This morning I forgot my smile.
My mum always used to say … don’t forget to smile. :smiley:

You shouldnt eat so many mushrooms debro. Look what it does to you, you’re all sentimental and soft today :stuck_out_tongue:

to go to bed, woke up on the couch

Everything but that I have to feed my baby. BTW, she’s got a cold, looks bad, got it on Saturday when it rained all day long while I was cleaning balcony and the things in it.

LMAO…i got to the train station, and realised i forgot my wallet. had 11minutes left. so brother drove me back home, speeding as fast as he could…like 20km/h over limit… and back to station again…but luckily i caught it in time, early bout 30 seconds :smiley:

To take a day off.

M Y M E D I C A T I O N !

i can`t remember :confused:

GREAT i’m not the only one who does that… :iagree:

My agenda… :a

My plans for death, destoryment & world domination!
Oh, and my compact cold fusion reactor to power my archaic MP3 player that chews thru batteries faster than a cow thru a bag of honey corn.


I suspect I forgot to put on deodorant today … although, it could just be the extreme heat, combined with the sardine cans which pass for trains here …

You forget you have a car?

You forgot I only drive 2/3 of the way (the slow bit) & catch whatever is heading in the right direction to the centre of the city :wink:

ok so i forgot to set my clocks back an hour yesterday…anyone else?

me me me me me me me me

Bah :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s not as bad as leaving your clock an hour late (which happens on this 1/2 of the world), which I might point out, I didn’t do :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact I even did it the night before :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow I forgot that my car mechanic was to come over to pick up the car. So the door bell rang when I just started showering :frowning: