What did you eat today at lunch?

i was planning to get a kebab, but the shop was closed for vacation :frowning:
i went to the pizzeria, it had closed also, but forever :a

so i went to McDonalds and had a Big Mac menu…

Lunch? Now I’m hungry, havent had any!
I forget so easily…

Damn… Me too… Ooh No, wait… I had three slices of white bread with strawberries :bigsmile:

Eigenlijk 3 beschuitjes, maar ik weet niet wat da is int Engels :stuck_out_tongue:

3 nutella sandwiches

Filthy little thief.

That’s just I was thinking when I saw the question! :slight_smile:

Of to food now!

Well right now it’s breakfast time…mmmm breakfast burritos.

I had Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on a footlong Honey Oat bread only at Subway: Eat Fresh!

I can’t get enough of that lean and tender, savory, teriyaki glazed chicken strips topped with Subway’s own fat-free Sweet Onion Sauce.

Yummy for my tummy! :iagree:

I had fishsticks.

Chinese FOOD!

Round table pizza. Dinner was a variety of junk foods. I need a job.

leftover dominos + sauerkraut

Two slices of gingercake (@Kus_Emmy dit is ontbijtkoek :stuck_out_tongue: ) with some butter in between.

I cooked it but I don’t know what to call it. Rice plus meat plus kimchi plus bamboo plus lettus plus several more. I just mixed what my mother prepared yesterday.

Kimchi instant noodle!!! :iagree:

Ham pizza

vegetarian faggots lol

prosciuto and mortadella sandwiches…

Today I have been mostly eating Beetroot, Ham, Salad-Cream and Pepper sandwiches

I’m having a can of whoop-ass, then some poontang pie for desert.

Sure you did, melon humper.