What did Santa bring you?

Well here in the UK we have just under an hour to go before Christmas day is finally over, so I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the good (and no so good) things Santa and anyone else have gift wrapped for you today.

Looking back I must of been a really good boy this year (to my utter surprise I must add :stuck_out_tongue: ) as I got…

[li]250 gig WD external hard disc
[/li][li]Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse
[/li][li]Sony Ericsson W810i (yay!)
[/li][li]New slimline PS2 (my old one broke a few weeks ago :frowning: )
[/li][li]Lots of deodorant and shower gel (do you think there hinting at something?)
[/li][li]A few new t-shirts
[/li][li]No Christmas themed clothing!

So how did you do?

A good boy indeed, that’s an impressive haul :eek:

Well, I got half a computer back in November (my mum paid half, I paid half), but today I got:

Various bits and bobs (toiletries etc)
Some Miss Sixty perfume
Mmmmmmedia - a 25 spindle of Maxell 16x +Rs (RICOHJPN R03) and a 10 pack of Sony 16x +Rs
The latest Razorlight CD
PJs :bigsmile:

And a shedload of chocolate, and some Creme Caramel Bailey’s :wink:

nothing yet, i don’t get home untill thursday and i’ll hopefully have lots to open :iagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
I got a hangover :doh: :bigsmile: :iagree:

And just when do I get to smell that perfume and see those gorgeous (I envision) PJ’s?

I got a massage cushion (much needed), a fresh install of XP, and a few other things.

I’ll spray some of the perfume into my modem for you…doubt the modem will like it much though fzzzzzzt :bigsmile:

And the PJs are comfy, slouchy ones, nothing really special :wink:

Ha!Ha! :smiley:

Hey, those are the best kind aren’t they?

Oh yes :iagree:

Actually, it was funny - my mum’s boyfriend opened a gift, it was PJs…then my mum opened one…PJs…then I opened mine, again PJs.

So everyone got PJs this year :bigsmile:

You will all sleep in style this coming year :stuck_out_tongue:

New- Still Sealed LP’s:
Waylon Jennings - Honky Tonk Heros
The Byrds - Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
Tom Waits & Crystal Gale - One From The Heart Soundtrack
Tom Waits - Closing Time
Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt Girl
Dave Brubeck - Time Out
Julian Bream - Plays Villa Lobos
Van Morrison - Pay The Devil
Richard Thompson - Rumor And Sigh

Willie Nelson - Live From Austin Texas
Willie Nelson & Friends - 70th Birthday Party
Pink Floyd - Pulse
Leonard Cohen Tribute - Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man

Clothes and assorted unmentionables…

I’ve got to say out of all those LP’s I’ve only heard of Van Morison and the Byrds, which either means I’m too old, too young or just not cultured enough.

I’ll leave the rest of you do decide that one…

Probably too young…Or maybe different musical tastes…

I think I’ll take the too young option and stick with that :stuck_out_tongue:

[ul]Winter jacket with fur
[li]5 large “Stone”-jars with gourmet mustard from Senfmühle Monschau (Tomato, Old-style, Ginger-Pineapple, Green-pepper and Lime)
[/li][li]Senfmühle Monschau mustard gourmet cook book
[/li][li]Festina Tourchrono Special Edition “Tour de France”
[/li][li]600 EUR in cash
[/li][li]12 McDonalds’ gift coupons for maxi-size meals
[/li][li]10 Lounge Light Candles with integrated Colour-LED technique
[/li][li]2 tickets for the “We will rock you” musical
[/li][li]2 tickets for The Blue Man Group Show
[/li][li]Blue Man Group DVD – The Complex Rock Tour Live
[/li][*]Some cheap shower-gel (already gone into the trashcan) :Z [/ul]

Panny 42" plasma ( early xmas present too big to fit under the tree )

Bell Express Vu HD receiver

Bunch of Monster cable for hookup

07 Playboy calendar wife gets me one every yr ( wonder why ?? )

Now if only the sat company office would open so i can CHANGE my programming to HD !! OH WELL guess have to wait a day longer …
Always have the calendar to check out while waiting for hd programming lol

Merry Xmas and happy holidays everyone …

Hide IP Platinum so I can come back and tell the mods what they can do with this place!!! Sit on it. I know C0deKing likes that!!! :eek:
Cause he missing his manhood!!! :o

Santa brought me only € 120 of cash. But he might revisit me in a few days :bigsmile:

I forgot, Santa brought me £20 in cash, which will promptly be spent on media at the Staples sale on Thursday :smiley:

The usual perfumes, bubble bath, etc etc. :clap:
Some high street vouchers. :bow:

DP-600 HD Network enabled set top player. :cool:
And a blown up PC power supply. :sad:

I see Dee shopping for more shoes in the near future :bigsmile:

A blown up PSU :sad: - hope nothing else went out with it :frowning: