What did I do wrong? Please Help?



I’m new to this firmware thing.

I have the pioneer 107D drive. Prior to updating the firmware 1.10, Ridata 4x- worked fine in my drive. That is, both burning from 1 dvd to another, and burning mpgs/avi’s directly to dvd.

I have updated the firmware to 1.18 from the pioneer website. Now the 4x- discs will only copy from another dvd. I can’t burn mpgs directly to the dvd? Does this make any sense? Why would the drive recognize the dvds for copying only, and not for direct burning? Did I do something wrong with the firmware?

I was hoping that somebody would have experience with this problem and could help me.

I am running a mac g4 dual 1.25, and using toast 6 titanium.


You’re using Nero? so what happens when you try select DVD ISO? or do you only have the DVD COPY option?


Not using Nero. I’m using Toast Titanium 6.

Here’s something else that’s wierd. I can burn to the dvd’s if it is in data form. So I can’t burn as videos, but I can burn them as files within a folder. Unfortunately my dvd player will not read the files within the folders.