What degree do you have?


Thats either a very odd degree or very very many :iagree:

I got a BSC honors in Information Technology.
I also some other stuff relating to satellites and telephones.

Correct, it stands for Ingenieur (Engineer).
It’s kinda like a BSc. (correct me if I’m wrong :iagree: )

look at my bio


I guess I was also close. I saw once some Dutch sayings on some novel spelling Ing… instead of Eng… :slight_smile:


Me too! We’re so alike!

BS… I mean BBA (Bech of Business Admin) :slight_smile:

AA in Computer Networking Systems, with a few MS & Comptia certs. Network Admin by day, crime fighter by night.
(Sheesh, I gotta stop watching Kim Possible with my daughter)

the only degree’s i have ever had was the “Three Degree’s” but that’s another story?

left school at 15, oops’s sorry booted out of school at 15, everthing i have learned has been by trial and error. mind you there were a lot of friggin errors. he-he

College Dropout :frowning:
MCSE+I (NT4) MCSE2000 A+

Hm. It was 1989 for me. Long story indeed. Since I was technically born in 1974, I had lived a little over 15 years. All my friends and relatives said I would regret. The only thing I regretted was that I spent 10 years in school from 1980 to 1989. I wanted some UFO’s to hit the school buildings in the late 1980s. :slight_smile:

No degree for me. I did a 4 year apprenticeship as an electrical fitter, then 2 years part time at TAFE for ‘Advanced Certificate in Electrical Engineering’ (used to be called Industrial Electronics). Now I am a maintenance electrician for a large cable manufacturing company, have been for more than ten years.

oh and i also went to the school of Hard Knocks.

hey ppl…i decided to bring back this thread to life…well cos to get it updated…

i remember the day i posted it, i was so wanting this course, and guess wot i got it…horray!!..

well moving out next week of home…so yea…kool…partying every nite…drinking till well…u can guess.no…juz joking…anyhoo…that’s all

Congrats about getting into the course.

Good luck. :iagree:

Im a High school drop out…because I moved to Europe and they dont have High school the same way they do it the USA. But I didnt finished that either.

Got a It administrator diplom, som Danish education
MCP 2000
Been to all the MCSE things but to lazy to take the test. 7 Test from Micro$oft is enough. My brain kept falling asleep.

No matter what, the education open doors for me. So it wasnt a total waste of time.

Congrats about getting into the course.

thanks for the congrats