What degree do you have?

Well…I don’t have one…cos I just finished high school and I was so excited when I went on the Internet 2 days ago to check my results…

Well…for the non-aussies, we have this thing where to get into a specific course, you need this TER which I think ranges from 0 to 99.95. I was wanting a 77, but I got more than I bargained for, 85.15, horray…

I chose computer systems engineering with business/admin…for first preference which I hope to get in…My american cousins who came down to australia a few months ago, said that their system is different to ours…hrmmm…complicated americans… :slight_smile:

Here is the certificate, much fancier than last yrs (got other sheets as well, but not neccessary)…they have alll these news things implemented to prevent ppl faking them, although not on this sheet (don’t know why ppl would want to fake high school certificates)…

Fake documents are also used for immigration visa, sold at very high prices. It was difficult enough for me to graduate middle school (3-year after 6-year elementary) so no high school.

man i can used r program to make r doc like that i can even print it out so i can put it on the wall :bigsmile:

Can everyone else post a picture of their certificate in here…cheers!

This thread sucks but to get back to your question…

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.). Pretty sweet. Good thing I have a well paying job where I put none of it to use!


jlindley, why does it suck? C’mon, if you don’t like it, two words, GET LOST! :bigsmile:

Fine, enjoy your thread.

Board Certified-Radiology

Mine: B.S., M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate.
Wife: B.S., M.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate.
all in engineering

Third Degree-----After a 3 day weekend drunk----wife gets pissy about that for some reason


My most recent course work was when Bell Labs sent me for a course entitled “The IS-95 CDMA System for Cellular and Person Communications” that they gave. The amazing thing is that I was a contract employee and they sent me to this course. They treated me as though I was a direct employee. I am no longer there but I have to say it was the pinicle of my engineering career to work there even as a contract employee. Unfortunately, Lucent Technologies has had a ton of troubles lately. Their stock fell from a high point of near $100 a share to less then $10 a share.

All others who posted here seem to do so, nothing wrong about it.

You’re living my dream.

I have a high school degree, but not with me.

Not going to post pictures…
H.S. (plus I.B.)
B.S. Comp Sci (still in college)
B.A. Economics (still in college)
Ph.D. Economics (future dream) (hope to teach economics for a living)

Ing. & MSc., maybe I will start a MBA over 5 years.

Not posting pics.

What does that stand for? Particularly Ing.; can’t say I’ve heard of it. :confused:

Inglish?? :bigsmile:

im working on one of those. hopefully ill finish before i get any more apathetic

I think its Ingenieur, which is dutch for Engineer.