What day of the Week do you hate most?

Well for me it’s Wednesday…Sitting pretty behind Monday and Tuesday and
not actually saying anything,and also stopping the Weekend from approaching one day early.

Monday for sure!

None, I love them all. :slight_smile:

i say everyday…i hate life…u’d know why if u had my life…but well you don’t so lucky u…lol

same here

Defenitely MONDAY!!

Tuesday, all the drawbacks from the weekend. Never have those on a monday because i’m still drowsy then.

Monday is definitly a swearword!

There are designated days of the week? Why hasn’t anyone told me this before? :frowning:

I hate monday


Sunday :Z

I love everyday, each new day is another day lived, and then there’s tomorrow and a chance to live another day.


Monday thru Friday

every day seems the same here

The Moon spins at a rate such that no matter where it is in it’s revolution around Earth that we are stuck always looking at the same side (not very fair if you ask me). How the hell does that happen? Now just imagine if the Earth did the same thing around the Sun. Wouldn’t that suck if that happened on a Monday. That would be a damn long day!!! (depending on your hemisphere - of course - some people would get a hell of a night out…)

It allways sucks.

No Doubt about it! Monday :frowning: .

Monday, defenitley monday