What country has

The best looking women???



Sweden for me, i’m a sucker for blondes :flower: :bigsmile:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
First specify what it is you seek?

America. We have everything you could want here, because it is a mixing pot of all nations.

Sure. I saw what you had over there in LA, Vegas and San Fransisco. It sure is a BIG mixing pot.

/me censors her comment…but something like base your opinion on 3 cities…maybe i’ll pick amsterdam to formulate my total opion of the netherlands…
/me shuts up now…

by the way…i’m blonde not a sweede nor am I in that “BIG” mixing pot :rolleyes:

First specify what it is you seek?

I seek nothing already have mine and to old to look for another just wanted to see what type answers I would get to this question. I figure there is not good answer and the women on this forum would say why not ask what country has the best looking guys.


My reply to that would be…you’ll find good looking guys in every country :slight_smile:

i was thinking the same thing…I’m not that picky :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto :bigsmile:

You [U]are[/U] picky! You said that I am too old :sad: :stuck_out_tongue: :doh: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :disagree: :flower: :bigsmile:

Well, dearly my frank i couldn’t give a f. I’m also an ugly bastard. Of course i’m biased since i only saw three major big cities. Perhaps the other 99,95% of Americans are very beautiful intelligent slim people. They just don’t hang around California that much. :slight_smile:

by the way…i’m blonde not a sweede nor am I in that “BIG” mixing pot :rolleyes:
We know you’re cute. Happy now?

yes very much so …thanks :bigsmile:

hee hee i am picky…i prefer men to still be breathing…:wink:

i guess i’m actually REALLY picky then…i also require that they are currently and always have been a man…

damn… and i was about to set you up on a blind date as well :doh: :bigsmile:

Good, now sit back on my lap again, be silent and keep smiling. :slight_smile:

Sweden … so cute … ummm sweet … Jag kjanner en bot, Anna heter hon :smiley:

as you wish…so shall it be !