What could happen if the Induce Act becomes law

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  RichMan used our    news submit  to tell us "Read the fake lawsuit and see how bad this new  law could be for all of us. I certainly hope that this never happens. How could  any politician vote...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8592-What-could-happen-if-the-Induce-Act-becomes-law_.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8592-What-could-happen-if-the-Induce-Act-becomes-law_.html)

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Take this to the next step… All car and gun manufacturers are liable for the criminal offences comitted by people using their products…

Well let me say it, a flat ,across the board statement…"politicians ARE swayed by contributions, monetary of otherwise. Pollies will not turn their back on a cash cow and special interest parties won’t throw money at a turned back. Of course it influences their decisions…peoples eyes have to be painted on if by now they cannot see that a majority of politicians are team players and unfortunately the majority of us are not on the team…our ignorance and naivette makes us our own worst enemy…:X

The EFF is fighting this one hard. I really like the mock lawsuit they created against Apples iPod. Brilliant. Just shows how far reaching legislation like this can be. I just can’t get over how lawmakers like Orrin Hatch get to where they are. Any rational being would recognize his legislative ideas as a complete slap in the face to the constitution and rights of people. Soft money is his incentive. Note: If you’re from Utah, please do not vote this clown back for another term. Thanks.

Lodai - You’re right. It’s unclear and ambiguous legislative garbage like this that can be very easily abused by parties interested in suing the pants off anyone they like for any unproven or non-solid evident reason.

I really can’t believe this is actually happening. The scariest thing about it is that these people actually believe they are serving the “common good”. Americans really need to wake up, smell the bulls**t thats been laid at their feet and do something, cause its only getting deeper!

You people ARE aware that assasination is indeed a valid tool of statecraft, right? :slight_smile: Seriously, about this Orrin Hatch of yours (and othersof his ilk): why hasn’t someone shut him up? Someone this sanctimonious ALWAYS has skeletons in the closet - it’s just a matter of finding where the bodies are buried. Get to work, chilibeans - I mean it’s not as if you appear to be able to control your rabid dogs, er, politians through regular channels so perhaps try the alternate methods…?
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