What could cause this spike?

burner: pioneer 111D flashed with the dang bros 8.29
media: sony dvd+r
burn speed: 6x
tester: dvdinfopro 4.626
testing drive: lite-on lh-20a1p firmware kl05
test speed: 6x

no matter what i burn, when i test the media i get that massive spike on both the PI & PiF sides right in the beginning, then everything goes down to normal. i doubt it’s the media, i tried several different kinds. what could be causing the initial spike in the burning, what can i do to prevent this? any ideas would be helpful.


Does the spike occur if you test with Nero CD-DVD speed ? I think it is caused by the drive spinning up and it’s nothin serious.

Yup, try with Kprobe and your liteon.

the tests all read differently. i didn’t get the spike with cd-dvd speed, i did get a spike with kprobe, but not nearly as high as dvdinfopro shows.

if you could only use one testing tool, what would it be?

cd-dvd speed?

also, what’s the best/most common testing speed for lite-on drives?