What copy protection scanner do you mainly use?



I used to mainly use A-Ray Scanner, but know I quite like PROTECTiON iD.

What do you normally use?

Ben :slight_smile:


i use aray scanner & protection id, both software are very good


A-Ray Scanner. I find Protection ID doesn’t do the job quite like A-Ray does. Go A-Ray!:D:bigsmile:


What he said.

R!Co is doing a great job. :iagree:

Is ProtectionID still updated?? :confused:

Wonders when someone says that he still uses ClonyXXL


Yes a new version came out a week ago, i honestly prefer to use Protection iD.


Yep im wiv you! Protection ID is ok but i much perfere A-Ray :iagree:



Why couldnt he have just put the original blackcheck’s TwinPeak in the program :confused:

  • Ben :slight_smile:


I also go with a-ray scanner


@bcn_246: TwinPeak was modified to allow MDS files.


Yep, you can just do a securom new 4.x/5.x read with alcohol using mds/mdf format, patch with twincreator and then burn the patched image with alcohol using securom new (not securom new 4.x/5.x) settings for a working twinpeak copy.

No need to use blindwrite’s bwa builder or to save in CloneCD format before patching. I don’t currently have either blindwrite (or bwa builder) or CloneCD on my home system but had no difficulty in making a working back-up of a securom 5.x protected game about a week ago using nothing more than alcohol and a-ray’s twincreator. :slight_smile:

I’ll write a short tutorial for the method if I have time over the Christmas break downunder.


What’s the download site of Protection ID?


http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/ , then click on the icon top-left.


I just discovered today that Aray Scanner is probably better at scanning the whole CD then ProID, but ProID wins over exe scanning.



Didn’t use Protection ID for about 1 year now, gonna try it when I can.


Yeh… but TwinCreator could have said it was a TwinPeak mod, rather than trying to covering it up as a whole new program.

Ben :slight_smile:


Both good tools, but I prefer PID (cos I am mentioned in the Thanx to section :)). Good work, cdkiller!


Didnt Aray v2 steal the PID look?


Didnt Aray v2 steal the PID look?
A little harsh don’t you think? I’m sure there are better words than steal, but coming from you expected. If you would have looked in A-Rays about and then his thanks you’ll see cdkiller among them, so I don’t think you phrased that to well, you assumed before you asked.


Although A-Ray is a very good tool, and alot of hard work has gone into it, I do feel that parts of it are “Borrowed” from other programs.

Ben :slight_smile:


I think A-Ray’s straitfoward look, feel and performance makes me go with it.