What Controller card for ODDs?

Hi :slight_smile:
Forgot to mention in title that it needs to be SATA.
Anyone had any luck with this.
I’ve tried Sil 3512 SATA Raid Controller.
But it only works with mixed success. CDs’ seem OK on the whole. DVDs’ never.
Producing some conflicts too. With authoring s/w in general.
Vista Ultimate 32 bit OS.

How about this one Zebs, I was just looking at them because I wanted to get a Samsung SATA like you have when they are available here.


Unfortunately, you have run into a brick wall with regards to ATA ODD compatibility with third-party SATA or PATA controllers using SCSI-based drivers. Such drives do not work correctly, if they even work at all, with such controllers. The SATA ODD must be connected to the motherboard’s native SATA port (one that’s natively supported by the motherboard’s chipset, not through a third-party chip) – and if you use an NVIDIA chipset, the nForce IDE driver must not be installed on your system. (In other words, SATA ODD’s prefer that the SATA controller be run in IDE compatibility mode, which the third-party SCSI-driver-based SATA controllers don’t support.)

Moreover, if your motherboard’s core-logic chipset does not have native SATA support, you must use a PATA ODD.

My Rosewill card with a SiI 3114 works well with my Litey 16a7. I use XP.

I guess I haven’t “authored” anything with it, but when I make a movie or compile a data backup, I do it to a hard drive file. Then I use CDspeed to burn the image.

Well I don’t know about brick wall for controller card. But my mobo supports SATA (x6) & is nForce chipset using nForce drivers. Have mixed HDs’ & ODDs’ with no problems whatsoever.
Just greedy & want more.
@alan1476, no idea about that card as it doesn’t mention ODDs’ at all. I am not optomistic there either. Moreover it looks like when not using raid there are problems with HDs’.
@steve b, your drive works with CD/DVDSpeed?
Mine won’t even do that. Is it the card that alan1476 refers too?

My current card:

Todays lesson is don’t let Vista pick/install best drivers.
I manually installed older drivers & Hey Presto! The thing works. :iagree: :bigsmile: :clap:
What do you have to say now RJL65. :doh: ( Don’t worry we are all learning something here I hope :flower: ).

Gonna update f/w & see if this drive can reach 20x. :eek:

I knew you would find the answer, you always do, and I always learn from you, now I know how to go about this if and when I need to. I do have an extra SATA port on my motherboard for the new Sammy so I hope when I get it I wont have any problems.:clap:

Sorry I am tardy. Yes indeed, it is the card alan1476 refers to.

As I have written in several posts, I cursed a bit for a couple of hours when installing it. The manual didn’t agree with the card’s BIOS regarding RAID or non-RAID setup, and the included CD was unreadable. But Rosewill’s site had the two drivers (RAID and non-RAID). XP would only allow me to install the RAID driver, but still it works fine.

I knew something’s fishy about some of the generic Microsoft-written drivers for certain peripherals. Those drivers tend to not support some of the features that the devices offer. And the only reason to use the Microsoft-provided drivers is if the device manufacturer’s own latest drivers are seriously outdated and won’t work properly or at all with a newer operating system.