What constitutes a "quality burn"?

Hi, newbie here.

I’ve always thought burners were all about speed, but from reading here and seeing some scans I’ve come to learn that quality also matters.

  • So, how do you rate a quality burn?
  • Is it looking at the quality score using the Nero test? What’s a good score?
  • I notice the quality score is normally rated using 4x, why not 8x or 16x?
  • Is KProbe a better tool to use to assess quality?
  • For the same disc, is it possible to get a different Nero quality score if you use a different drive to read it?


There is a suggestion that faster scanning speeds are relevant as well.

The scan isn’t the only worthwhile test but should be used in conjunction with a Transfer Rate Test (TRT). The graph from this should be nice & smooth.

However, none of these count if your DVD player can’t play the movie you’ve just burned.

I have to agree with TimC, a Transfer Rate Test usually identifies a good or bad burn.

The Disc Quality Test basically tells you more about the quality and longevity of the disc. But it doesn’t necessarily tell you how well the disc will play in your DVD Player.

The Disc Quality Test should always be secondary to a TRT in my opinion. If you’ve got a good TRT then your Quality Score will most likely be higher than 80-85% which is good enough for good playback in most DVD Players.

How do I do a TRT? Is it running the benchmark test in Nero CD Speed?

Yes, with a non-blank disc in the drive.

It can also be run with a blank disc, but then it’s a Write Transfer Test instead of a Read Transfer Test, but that’s not what you want in this case.

Thanks for the reply.

So, I’ve run the tests and here are the scans for a disc burned at 12x on my LH-18A1P. The quality test doesn’t seem too great but the TRT looks ok, right?

That burn is perfectly acceptable, although not great. But the TRT is what it should be.
The Burst Rate of 27mbs is a bit low for this burner, it should be more like 46mbs when running in Ultra DMA mode 4. That requires an 80wire DE cable. So perhaps check out the DMA mode & the cable.

Liteons have Smartburn which learns about the media and will show signs of improvement after 3 or 4 burns of that particular media. So if that was the first or second burn then subsequent burns should improve.

Thanks Tim. Currently the drive is on Ultra DMA Mode 2, I suppose that means it’s on a 40-pin IDE cable? Didn’t know there were 80-pin cables.

That was the 2nd burn of that particular media. I’ll burn a few more and hope that Smartburn adapts and improves it.

You mentioned that what really counts is playability on a DVD player. I’m mainly using the DVDs to archive data - in this case is burn quality just as crucial?

You definitely need an 80wire (note wire not pin) cable for these burners to perform at their best.

If you’re burning DVDs solely for archival use then yes, the Disc Quality Test is just as important as the TRT.