What comes after Samsung 552U?

AFAIK, 552U is the latest Samsung DVD burner.

Is there a newer model already announced or in production, which is public knowledge (normal dvd burners, not blu-ray drives)?

SH-W162C or SE-W164A perhaps?

Any guesses as to the release dates for them?

same as ts-h552u?

I think the SH-162C is internal
were as the SE-164A is external
you will find that in the CeBit reports of CDFreaks or CDRinfo
and in this report the specs are:
DVD+R/RW 16/8
DVD-R/RW 16/6
DVD+R9/-R9 5/4

SH-W162C is not same as ts-h552u.

I’m assuming it’s SH-W162C that’s coming up next, but am not sure if it’s true (or when the release is due).

SH model names perhaps mean Samsung OMS isn’t working happily with Toshiba SDD.