What color of t-shirt do you buy?



Again this is for the same reason as the other poll.


I like black


Almost everything that’s in stock, especially black and blue.
But no pink or something like that :eek:


Very rarely wear T-shirts, but probably mostly black when I do.


I wear light colored t-shirts. I have 2 cats and 1 dog that get hair on me. I do have a lot of different colored ones though. I just don’t wear the dark ones as often.


White, yellow and pink. I don’t look good in black.


I recently bought a large stash of gray T-shirts so they would look consistent after several washings.



I have 1 handbag ,Black boots , Black shoes ,Jeans ,skirts
Thongs etc.
Easy to by clothes to match ;


I like ringer t’s… with contrasting colors like hot pink…and lime green :wink: i love to wear all colors…i’m not that picky just what ever is clean and strikes my fancy when i’m getting dressed


This stupid old man is wondering what is ringer t’s please?


No Not old :wink: I also like to find out ( remember you cant ever be stupid and lived over half a cantury in this world ):bow: :bigsmile:


gee Ringer T’s they were around in the 60’s Old Man you should remember them :bigsmile:


heres an example


lol I should know what they are :o I grew up in the midwest so they must have been a east/west coast thing :confused: No i’m not a farmer :disagree:

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


Usually only black, but I noticed that I´m considering lighter colours with dumb sayings printed on them…wondering why for example I am right now wearing a red and blue t-shirt with “fearless” printed across the chest!