What color is the LED on 1633s?



The LED on my 1633s flashes green whether it’s reading, burning or waiting. Is it OK?





no way to change the fw so it will enable the other colors? or aren’t there any other leds in the drive?


There are other colors because I can see some orange when it is being flashed (near the end, I think).


This should still apply to the current Liteon DVD Burners, except for the custom Memorex 16x DVD burner which has a blue LED.


Nope, I just bought a brand spanking new SOHW-1633S in a nice blue LiteOn box and it definately only blinks green when writing. I saw a bit of orange when I flashed the drive to the new BS0C f/w but that’s it. Haven’t tried it with the old f/w, so I can’t tell whether it’s got anything to do with BS0C.


What do you mean “Nope”? You saw orange, you saw green, you have that multi-colored LED.

I’m not saying that the LED should ever light Red, just saying that it’s possible.


That’s right but your post stated, that a red light indicates that the drive is writing. This is not the case, so the link you posted does not apply to the 1633.

You said “This should still apply to the current Liteon DVD Burners…” and since it doesn’t, I said “nope”.

The drive may have a multi-coloured LED but it still flashes green when writing.


It has nothing to do with BS0C. When I bought the drive it had the BS06 firmware and the LED flashed green only. But it flashed orange at the end of the flash.



so it should be possible to change the firmware so that the led will flash red/orange.
someone who knows how to do this?


My 1213s does the same thing. Green…! :bow:


Previous Liteons (up to when?) used:
Green = Read
Red = Write
Orange = Burnproof (or “buffer not 100% full”) - as my old drive burned normally at red, with a continual orange flicker - and it sure as hell wasnt doing that many recoveries - when it did, it threw a solid orange, followed by green as it repositioned, followed by red.

The ability of the drive to show orange, proves that the LED is still Tricolor, so did the idiots at Liteon just abandon the old and recognised signalling method of all previous models?

PS. For real LED colour addicts, you can get a RGB LED - it has Red, Green and Blue elements, so it can show any colour you like!


Since my DNS lookup blew out on me, I’ve now finally found it



Bi-Color LEDS are three terminal devices, 1) +Color1, 2) +Color2, 3) Common

In the case of a RED + GREEN LED, then, voltage fed to:

  • Color1 and Common = RED
  • Color2 and Common = GREEN
  • Color1+Color2 and Common = ORANGE

If one were to replace a Bi-Color LED, as suggested by Matth, then,
the following color/options are possible:


  • Color1 and Common = BLUE
  • Color2 and Common = RED
  • Color1+Color2 and Common = MAGENTA


  • Color1 and Common = BLUE
  • Color2 and Common = GREEN
  • Color1+Color2 and Common = CYAN


  • Color1 and Common = BLUE
  • Color2 and Common = WHITE
  • Color1+Color2 and Common = LIGHT BLUE?


  • Color1 and Common = WHITE
  • Color2 and Common = RED
  • Color1+Color2 and Common = PINK?

Tri-Color LEDs, which are 4-terminal devices, 1) +Color1, 2) +Color2, 3) +Color3, 4) Common,
cannot be expected to work in circuits designed for Bi-Color LEDs. However, one could use
two of of the three/color/leads or connect two color/leads, in parallel, to construct other
color combinations, of course, LED current, not to exceed LED driver spec.

There’s a perfect candidate, over at Speedlabs, who would like the “pink” LED option…


TYPICAL Multi-Color LEDs


The Liteon must be using a tri-colour (Red + Green and common) in order to show Orange.

A bi-colour (Red + Green opposed, 2 wire) can only show orange by averaging with an AC feed, pulsing the red and green alternately - we’re wading off topic here!

I see they call bi-colour, what I would call tri-colour, and don’t have old-style 2 wire bi-colour.

The other issue if anyone wanted to change LED’s, is do thet standardise which end they have as common, or are there both common anode and common cathode variants.

I suppose you might want to use a blue, if you have a major blue lighting scheme in the case - LED fans and EL lightwire all over the place


Here’s the reply I got from LiteOn:

[I]Dear Sir or Madam,

Would you be informed that the LED flashes green while burning and reading,as SOHW-1633S is

Why they gave up the tri-color blinking is still a mystery to me.



A safe guess from me would be “to hide the buffer underruns”?


Jaco2k wrote:

A safe guess from me would be “to hide the buffer underruns”?

I don’t think so because they say it flashes green while burning and reading only. It’s still capable of flashing orange coz I saw it near the end of the firmware flash. So it may still flash orange when it’s waiting. I haven’t tried it yet, though.



Sony never liked the multi-color stuff. They have always insisted that the LEDs use a single color. With the previous LiteOn drives, the LiteOn firmwares flashed red and orange and green while the Sony firmwares used only green. My best guess is that instead of bothering to have different color schemes with different lines of firmware, they just said “to hell with it, we’ll use a single color on all of our firmwares for the 3S” (the Memorex blue stems not from the firmware but from a different LED; the firmware code is probably still the same)… the drive is definately physically capable of using the other colors, but the firmware isn’t making use of this.

And no, I don’t think that patching the firmware to have it use the red/orange colors would be a good use of time. :stuck_out_tongue:


What a bad taste they have…

Pleeeeeese…do that for once and for all…wouldn’t take much time to do, would it?