What choose drive internal sata x external usb?

For long-term storage and preservation, is it better to buy an internal SATA DVD drive or an external USB drive?

It is ALWAYS better to buy an internal SATA DVD drive versus an external USB for the simple power issue that has NOT been rectified since 2000.
All internals use your PSU inside your computer.
All externals require an additional power supply to provide the 12VDC that is NOT present on ANY USB port & NEVER will be by design & standards. So look at it this way…more connectors & more extra adapters needed to run when the internal does not need the extra junk plus the internals will use the internal SATA bus & be faster than ANY USB regardless of the version of USB you buy.

Most ripping software has major flaws in handling USB ports due to developers being lazy & refusing to admit their software is at fault & always blaming the connectors & cabling. Internals don’t suffer these issues so another benefit with internal SATA DVD purchases. :slight_smile:

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talk about the durability of the internal sata x external USB

they will be stored in my house and I think of using the internals with some USB adapter with external power supply

please help ???

I bought an internal BD drive and a sata-USB3 adapter. These days most cases have no slots for optical drives, if you have such a case, you are better off buying an internal drive and an adapter.
Naturally if you have space for it in the case, just buy an internal one.

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