What choice of Burner

G’day all. I’m glad I found this site. I’m trying to make up my mind about getting my first Double Layer DVD burner amongst: Sony, Lite-On, and LG. I have been reading the forums and articles, and questions and answers regarding different issues from your site. Now, however, I’m more confused than ever. Please help me,
Q1. Is there anybody out there that is successfully burning DVD’s?
Q2. Which of these three: Sony, Lite-On, and LG double layer burner would you recommend? None of them? They are all the same price here in AU. They all come with Nero software.
Q3. Is Nero best choice of software for the brands above?
Q4. Is “double layer” the same as “dual layer”?
Q5. Is there an ideal combo?
I’m ignorant in the subject. Please help.

get the pioneer 108. http://www.atcomputer.com.au/subcat.php?cid=58
yes, i successfully burn DVDs everyday.

Thanks mate

Q3. Is Nero best choice of software for the brands above? Nero is best…period :slight_smile:
Q4. Is “double layer” the same as “dual layer”? Yes
Q5. Is there an ideal combo? Not really

Im buying Pioneer DVR-A08XL (retail) tomrorrow here… best price … it was $160 two days ago lolhttp://www.jr.com/JRProductPage.process?Product_Code=PIO+DVRA08XLC2P&JRSource=google.datafeed.PIO+DVRA08XLC2P :cool:

oh, it’s now $99 after rebate

yeah, nice unit that one. i thought you were in Australia ? oh well…

what made you think he was in australia :confused:

he said here in AU

oh yeh, i dunno, maybe he ordered it on import from the us, seems a odd way to buy though :confused:

ben :slight_smile:

He also opened his post with G’day. Don’t know too many americans, canadians, ect. who use that greeting. :wink:

G’day all, Yes mate. I am from Sydney Australia, and very proud of it. Thanks to everyone for so nuch help and so quickly. I have a quote for a Pioneer 108 S/L 16X. $160.00 AUD. In Hurstville, Sydney, NSW. Installed and tested.
Thanks again.

oh sorry… i meant "here’ at the link i dropped (www.jr.com) it’s in the USA & so am i