What changed?

(CloneCD ver I have WindowsXP and I always use my Toshiba sd-M1502 to read my images. I thought reading a SafeDisk 2 image in 12 minutes was fast, but it turns out thats not fast at all. Someone told me to check my fast error skip settings and I did, couldn’t find anything that would seem to make it faster so I cancelled.

I made an image of a SD2 game today and some amazing happened! It wizzed through the read error like never before! It was crazy! This adds a whole new level to CloneCD! Well I can’t my pics to work so I just tell you; it went from 1-10,000 in about 3 seconds!

Is this how fast it is supposed to go and anyone know what could have made it faster. I don’t really care, I just hope it stays fast like this.

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Here is a make-shift picture link.

If you have D-Tools installed with SD emulation “on”, install the game, start it, play it and then read the disc, the errors will be over in a flash - this is the ‘fast dump’ feature. If you haven’t already looked at my post, the ASUS 40x writer will error skip SD2 in just three seconds (13 without fast dump).

Your Log doesn’t look like it’s only three seconds total; you went from 828 to 1559 in two seconds but the errors go to 10K+.

G@M3FR3@K & I have a little competition going to find the fastest error skipper. I tested a LG GCC-4120B DVD/burner combo that could error skip without FD in 20" and about 10", with FD. He has a Mitsumi that’s a little better, but you can’t beat my ASUS CRW-4012A (it eats SD 2.51.021 with one optic covered) :smiley:

can you tell me more about D-tools?

or do you have a link

http://www.daemon-tools.com was the url the last time I checked… :slight_smile:

i see…deamon tools…sorry i was sleeping…thought you were talking about an unknown/new tool