What Changed? Horrible Scans out of a once fantastic Drive/Media Combo



Hey all.

I went to burn a backup of some ISOs that were created for my mother’s family. They are very important, so I dedicided to scan them with Kprobe 2.

I used the same media I’ve been using (T02) and the same drive I’ve been using (Lite-On SOHW-832S) but my results were nowhere near as good as they used to be.

I had been messing around with the ASPI layer in EAC, so I used the Forceware v1.7 to see if I could fix it. The results were much better, yet still not the same.

I’m wondering if the high overclock I have could do this. My 2500+ (non-mobile) is at 2266mhz, roughly a 475mhz overclock. The DDR400 RAM is operating at DDR412.

Also, could trying to burn files from two different phyisical hard drives at once cause this? I mean, should I move all the data I’m trying to burn to the same partition?

Here is a scan from 2/6/05, scanned at 4x.

Here is the first scan I did today with the older ASPI layer and a few programs running during the burn:

Here is the second scan I did today with a new burn with no programs running and Forceware 1.7 for the ASPI layer:

Neither of those two last scans are acceptable in my book. I need some advice on how to get it back to where it used to be.

My OS is WinXp Pro SP2

Dan O.