What cellular phone to buy?



I’m about to buy a new cellular phone, but I have to choose between two Sony Ericsson’s. The first one has a memory of 7 or 8 MB and has both Bluetooth and Infrared connections. The second one has 12 MB of memory and has Infrared but not Bluetooth.

What would you choose between the two ? I have heard about hacking phones (for example stealing files) via bluetooth connections (because cellular phones with bluetooth are always “open machines”) and that bluetooth is very insecure. Is it true ? Is Infrared better ?


It depends on your needs.
Personally, I am not really fond of Bluetooth for many reasons.
(Just an example: it turned out that my mobile’s battery lasts only 18 hours because of the Bluetooth being permanently active. I disabled Bluetooth, put away the headphone I used (Bluetooth) and the battery lasts 7 days!!!)


well, of course BT may be insecure if wrong configured (visibility) or permanently active - but if you enable it only when you need it, it is a real help…
you know, syncin’ contacts (outlook) with BT is great, especially if you have a great (outlook-)contact-database…
i cannot live without BT in a mobile phone any more… :wink:

no, infrared it sh*t :wink: coz of the really (!) slow speed, the limited range, and the need for visible contact between the 2 devices…

btw: if you get an SE phone WITH BT, then try out Floats Mobile Agent
this tool rocks! :slight_smile: :iagree:


I just bought the SonyEricsson K750i … and I love it!!!

Superb phone, best ever made.
Haven’t seen any Nokia, Samsung etc that can compare to it.


This is the absolute best phone on the market right now. :bigsmile:

In all seriousness though, I don’t think you can go wrong with any phone that uses WM2003 and has cool features. Smartphones are fun :iagree:


Im thinking of buying the same cellphone myself ... and I must say never nokia again ... SE Rocks , but Im also thinking of buying a 3G cellphone but it seems like all these 3G Cellphones still consume alot of batterypower … just check out what Korea / Japan are trying out 4G Cellphone Network at 1GBit !!

I have a T610i now but it`s time to put it in a coffin :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:


Buy it, you won’t regret it. It’s just great. :iagree:


yup, that’s right. if i would not have the k700i for “only” 6 months now, i’d take the k750i directly… :iagree:


Have called the phone dealer and they haven`t in store before in the end of next month :frowning: … They have just sold out the rest of it last week on a special price ( 749,- NOK ) if you binded your abo. for 12 new months

Have heard some rumors that the phone have problems with memorycards bigger then 2Gb … enyone if you that have this large memorycards in the phone ?


I haven’t seen a 2GB memory card of miniSD or similarly small sizes. 1GB miniSD and RS-MMC cards are now under US$100 and TransFlash cards cost just a bit more.


Me neither and I haven’t heard about the problems he’s talking about.

I don’t hope there are any problems, because in the future I maybe wanna buy a 2Gb card for in my K750i. :iagree:


Limited camera, limited video, limited screen, MemoryStick only… sorry, but hardly any modern Samsung phone is that outdated. :bigsmile:

DMB phones are good but too heavy compared to light models like this:

14.5mm thick, but still has 320240 + 9090 TFT screens, MPEG-4 video, nearly unlimited MP3, Bluetooth…


One addition: where you live!!! :bigsmile:

In Europe (Holland for sure), this is at the moment the best mobile phone available. :iagree:

Wondering if the phones that are available at your place have Dutch software … I would like to have one of those. :iagree: :bigsmile:


All South Korean phones I’ve seen are both in English and Korean.

Most of the reason for such delayed releases in Europe and North America from Samsung and LG must have been related to local service providers. LG only started getting a tiny market share in Europe from the recent several months. Sanyo, Nokia, Motorola… none of the Japanese and European phone makers could get market share in South Korea even remotely close to 10% for similar reasons. Same with South Korean makers in Japan.


Mmmmm a friend of my is going to Maleisia in a couple off weeks.
Maybe I’ll let him buy one of those 5megapixel phones for me … it should work here, right?


No idea, but 5-megapixel phones are too expensive yet. Used 5-mega phones cost much less, but I know little about pricing in Malaysia. Why not wait for the 7-megapixel phone from Samsung? :bigsmile:

In South Korea, it almost seems that an average D-SLR camera buyer spend a little less than an average mobile phone buyer. It was quite the opposite last year. D-SLR cameras getting cheaper and cheaper due to more competitions and as more people enter into D-SLR digital cameras while mobile phones are getting more expensive with each new generation release as they get more colorful, more camera-like, offer GPS, dictionaries, games, TV, VODs, mobile banking… with only the few largest companies competing among themselves.


What’s expensive? What price range?

Because my friend ain’t staying forever in Maleisia so I can’t wait to long for the Samsung. :bigsmile:


US$1,000. :bigsmile:


WOW … a norwegian shop called unlockshop.no ( http://www.unlockshop.no/W800.php ) can now upgrade your K750I to the W800i … You can find a video of it here : http://www.unlockshop.no/w800.wmv


Flashing phones?