What CDs To Use 4 Burning PS2 Games?

hi, ive been wondering what is better for burning ps2 games -r or +r…also how would i burn a ps2 game with alcohol 120%? thx hope someone leaves me some tips =)

You have some sort of mod method, right? If you don’t have that then you are wasting your time. Also, you need to be careful about making the distinction between CDs and DVDs. According to your title it sounds like you are trying to burn CDs but in your post you mention -r and +r which means that you are talking about DVDs. So which one is it? Anyways if you have a soldered modchip then it is simple. Just pop in the original disc and read it to the computer HD, then write back to DVDR. I recommend DVD-R for PS2s as it tends to be a little more universal. Make sure you are using quality media though.

Jesterrace is right about the CD vs DVD distinction. Look at the back of the box the original came in, or at the disc itself. There will be either the “Compact Disc” logo or the “DVD” logo – that will tell you what media you need to burn it on.

If it is a CD, in Alcohol 120%, you can choose PlayStation 2 as the datatype in the image making wizard. Then just burn that image to a blank CD-R.

If it is a DVD, you will have to choose media type. I’ve only done it a couple times for my PS2, and I’ve only used Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media with the booktype set to DVD-ROM. Both burns have worked perfectly. I’ve never tried DVD-R myself, but I’ve never heard anything bad about using it…

If I remember correctly, when you start the Alc120 image making wizard with the PS2 DVD in the drive, it just detects it as a standard DVD. Rip it to the HDD, then burn it. Easy!

when i burned ratchet and clank: up your arsenal it doesnt work, o yea i use a boot disc to play games along with the slide card.

What media are you using? What is the mid code? What about your burner and the firmware version? What speed are you trying to burn at? What versions is the swap disc you have? Did you use + or - R disc? What version is your PS2? Look here to see what version your PS2 is. -----> http://www.modchipshop.com/ps2/ps2id.htm

If you can answer all these questions or most of them. I am sure someone can tell you alot more.

im using a dvd -r cd to burn ps2 games and i think the mid code is e4n1618222 (GQ Brand), im using a sony dru-710a 16x+r,8x-r,4x +rw,4x-rw, im not sure wat a firmware is…but maybe i think mine is a double layer, does it really how fast i burn?(i burn always at 8x) i use a swap disc 2.0 and my ps2 version is scph-30001.

the problem is that ive burned some games and some are laggy and some are not…and sometimes they dont work at all…ive burned nba street v.3, ratched and clank up your arsenal, wwe smackdown vs raw,samurai warriors xtreme legends, star ocean till the end of time, and prince of persia warrior within… out of all of those only prince of persia warrior within and star ocean till the end of time works. well rfjr23 u seem like a smart guy and i really hope u can solve this problem =) thx

oh btw is there a difference between my swap 2.0 and the newer ones such as 3.3?

First the biggest thing that I see that you can change is your media. The GQ brand is crap media and I am not surprised that you are not having much luck with it. I take it that you got them from Fry’s? Look for some Fuji but make sure they are made in Japan and not Tiawan. Or try the ridata from newegg.com. You have the same version PS2 and swap disc that I have and I use +r with no problem but the -r are more compatable.

The reason they come out with new swap magic is for more support of the newer games that always come out.

The reason I say burn as well as everone else will tell you that PS2 can be picky on media. I would slow it down to 2x if you can. Something else you can try if you are having trouble with Alcohol 120% is Dvd Decryptor it is freeware and just as goo as the programs you buy. You can get it at http://doom9.net

p.s. I wouldnt try to back up GT4 right now there is only one way to do it and it is only for the people that have the DMS4 pro chip. So save your disc for now

XD thanks man! one problem tho i just got home with fuji -r taiwan…CRAP!(does it really matter where its made from?..) and i also brought home tdk cds(they are +r) er does it matter if i burn at 8x? or are the best results are from slow speeds like u said…ok thanks =)

Yes it does matter where they are made. The deal is that brand names outsource to different manufacturers. Manufacturers are much better predictors of quality than the store brand label. Japanese produced Fujifilm discs are in fact Taiyo Yuden. Taiwanese produced Fujifilm discs are usually made by Prodisc. Taiyo Yuden rates quite a bit higher than Prodisc for overall reliability and compatibility. Once again man, you keep using the terms “CDs” and “DVDs” interchangably. Recordable CDs hold 700MB, Recordable DVDs hold 4.7GB. So that means that a DVD can hold the information of almost 7 CD recordables. For DVDs the burn speed doesn’t really matter privided that it is a quality disc. In the future you can just avoid the hassle and order straight from the manufacturer. www.supermediastore.com www.rima.com

XD thanks jester, btw rfjr23 my GQ burned star ocean 2(burned at 8x with dvd decrypt and nero 6) works better than my star ocean 2 fuji film -r which i burned at 4x with dvd decrypt and nero 6 and its also better than my star ocean 2 tdk +r burned at 4x with dvd decrypt and nero 6.when i run into a monster on my gq the battle starts faster than my tdk and fuju, why is that? any tips? o yea does it matter if i burn with alcohol as default? or should i burn it as ps2