What CDR's

Hi All

What CDR’s are your favourite? And if you could not get your Favourite brand anymore what would you choose?


Taiyo Yudens

You can find them as Fujifilm CD-Rs as long as they were made in Japan - not Taiwan.


What if you could not get TYs anymore?

That was the second part my question…


I buy TY cds from http://www.rima.com $26 + shipping

There’s always a way to get TY… :bigsmile:

If you want to buy locally rather than over the internet, the other alternative to the Fuji TY’s are the Maxell TY’s. Look for the “Pro” marked CDR bundles. I only see them in 30 packs and rarely on sale. They’re a bit more than the Fuji TY’s because they are “audio” CD’s which means that they tack on a fee for the RIAA, the discs themselves are no different.

I have some Riteks made in India that are as good if not better than my Fuji TYs but alas there quality is so variable.

Ritek TG is the next best media in most drives, in fact some drives prefer it. Generally available as Maxell.

I haven’t seen Maxell audio CD-R Pros and I doubt they are made (at least Maxell’s US site doesn’t mention them). The 25pc spindles that I buy at Staples go for ~$15 are regular general usage media and my preferred choice for critical audio backup.
My second-best option would be Verbatim DataLife Plus.

TY are also my choice. It should be noted that if you choose to buy the name brand discs that you have to be selective about where they are made or which lines you purchase. You can’t just buy any Fujifilm CD-R out there and expect it to be TY. It must be made in Japan (check the spindle packaging). I too go the Made In Japan Fujifilm route. I generally pick them up on sale so they are cheaper than the regular TY spindles from rima.


I don’t know about Maxell’s website. I only know from what I have seen in stores, both Staples or Office Max and the local Super WalMart carry 30 packs of the Maxell Pro’s. They may not actually say “Audio”, but that is their intended use (I came to this conclusion after reading the label) and therefore, they have the RIAA “tax”,if you will, plus if you slap “Pro” on anything it automatically costs at least 10% more (that would be in addition to the RIAA “tax”). If you have not seen them locally, I guess that is just part of the regional variations in the US. For ex. people in other areas of the country were crying about not being able to buy 50 packs of TY Fuji’s at BB about 6 - 9 months before I saw them disappear in my local BB. Now all I can find at the local BB that are still TY’s are the 30 pack Fuji’s and that was a couple of months ago. Anyway, the “MIJ” Fuji 30 packs and the “MIJ” Maxell Pro 30 packs are the only choices that I have to buy TY locally. Since I don’t use that many discs, I don’t believe it pays for me to buy in bulk online.

Oh, and they do exist as I am not the only person who has seen them on this board. Do a search and you will see that others have seen them too. If they don’t exist than I’m not the only one hallucinating. :bigsmile:

AFAIK, RiTEK doesn’t have a plant in India! You must be thinking of Moser Baer India… :slight_smile:


Saruman: audio CD-Rs are designed to be compatible with standalone recorders. AFAIK, CD-R Pros are not. The spindles carried by Staples are 25pcs (in NYC, LA and Miami) and are general purpose.

Perhaps you could post a scan of the packaging label or the disc itself?

Here in Vancouver, BC, they do have the made in Japan Maxell Audio CD-R Pro in 10pk jewel case. The packaging is in red as against the green for the ordinary CD-R Pro.


#1=Taiyo Yuden