What CDROM works best with a LTR24102B?

Hi guys I’m new around here,
I just got a 24x LTR24102B Liteon burner last week and have had trouble using it with Clone cd to do game backups (SD2), because I get errors saying my LG 52X CDROM can’t read sub channel data.

Can anyone out there recommend me a “getable” and reliable CDROM drive which would work best with Clone CD.

Mate you have a few options,

  1. You can just use your burner as a reader it works pretty well with protected software however you may have some dramas with some audio protections I am not sure how the latest firmwares go that problem may have been fixed

  2. For burning on the fly you could buy a Liteon DVD drive, partners well with your burner, can read all subs etc is quick, cheap and you also then have DVD :slight_smile:

  3. Another well respected reader for clone is Toshiba based DVD drives I think you could pick up a Toshi SD1402 or 1502 for a good price in most places.

Hope this helps m8

i just ordered this and i was told by oc freak itts a great dvdrom

and it goes with my 48x liteon

and its cheep :slight_smile:

get it here …



LITEON 16xDVD 16x48x DVD ROM Inc Power DVD IDE - Retail : £30.00

Delivery cost £8.50
Subtotal £38.50
Vat £6.74
Total Cost £45.24

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