What CD Writer Should I buy?

I want a CD Writer that will copy everything but is a good price what is the best drive? (Something that works very well with CloneCD).

Read the many posts in Hardware Forum, LiteOn Forum, Plextor Forum and our CloneCD forums, you should find enough information to decide for yourself I think…this question has been asked many times and the answeris in most cases the same.

LiteOn for Games, Plextor for Audio

Also read our reviews on the mainpage, they provide you with a lot of info to.

liteon 24x or 40x dont go with the 32x as it has problems

What sort of problems with the 32x ?
This is news to me… do you have a link with related info ?

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
LiteOn for Games, Plextor for Audio

I would prefer the fastest AOpen burner for audio, since it has better Cactus Handling, and perfect DAE.

i hava a plaxtor thats work good for evrything olso clonecd

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i hava a plaxtor

Wish I had a plaxtor…must be really special :stuck_out_tongue:

But reading posts in CloneCD forum, Plextor Forum, LiteOn forum and General hardware questions forum and of course the reviews posted on the mainpage, should give you all the info you need to make your decision…a little bit research on your side…but it pays off

i have a plextor 161040 and i never had any problems, and maybe u could still find the 241040 at only 150€

Lite-ON 40x12x48x is the one you should buy. (LTR-40125S)

I think it’s the best burner around today. Just search “LTR-40125S” with Google and you’ll find lots of good news and reviews about it.