What CD-writer manufacturer uses a modell number like PRDBT-4001?

I just found at the Polaroidmemory support website
this Polaroid CD-Writer: “BurnMAX 40X model # PRDBT-4001”

So it seems that it’s not manufactured by BTC like the BurnMax32
with the modell number “BurnMAX 32X model # BCE3212IM”

Does anyone has an idea what manufacturer uses modell numbers
similar to " PRDBT-4001" ? :confused:
I’ve searched with Google, but no success :frowning:

Okay, just found out by myself :bigsmile:

The Polaroid BurnMax40 is a rebadged BTC BCE4012IM,
made by Top Glory Electronics.

Maybe PRDBT-4001 stands for
Pola Roi D
BT for BTC and 4001 for 40x burnspeed

So it seems that all Polaroid BurnMax internal writers
are currently manufactured by BTC.

Excellent sleuthing work, I’ll admit I couldn’t find anything about it myself.

There was a recent thread on the alt.comp.periphs.cdr newsgroup that identified a Cendyne 40x drive as a Accesstek (CW 4001). I couldn’t help noticing the number.

The “4001” seems to be a Polaroid code for this cd-writer,
as there are 2 models:

The PRDBT-4001 = internal BurnMax40
The PRDBT-4002 = external BurnMax40

But maybe the “Accesstek (CW 4001)” is made
by BTC / Top Glory Electronics , too.