What CD-R media works best with NEC3500A?

Hi guys,

The only media I have tested that works well (reads back fast from 700MB 80MIN CD-R with no slow downs or C2 errors) is Fujifilm TY media.

I know I have posted a similar thread but I didn’t find enough helpful info for sources of CD-R media proven to consistently burn well (based on my definition above).

I have tried Ritek (Ridata, Arita) media and it has big problems. Actually I am burning an Arita disc to test again (so far at this moment it is burning at 40x and the TY could only burn at 32x - strange). Ok I will not post the Arita results because it has basically the same problem, very slow reading with lots of spin ups and spin downs (the Ridata ones just read slow consistently and has C2 errors at the end). This Arita disc of course has C2 errors at the end.

So in short, I would conclude that Ritek CD-R media is crap like it was many many years ago.

This leaves the arena open. Please let me know what media you have burned that meets my crazy definition of good. I cannot find Fuji TY anymore and I would at least like to know if any other media exists which is actually not RiCrap :).

Thanks so much.


For Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R’s look at www.rima.com - they are $26 for 100 cakebox + shipping


Shipping is too much :(. Do you know any other good media besides TY?

Verbatim 52x CD-Rs (real MCC media with the Azo dye) should burn at 48x on the 3500.

maybe it would help to know where you live?

dsdarli…i have been wondering the same thing…but figured the people replying already knew…

The best CD media for the NEC ND-3500A(G):

[u]Burn at 48x:[/u]

Ritek 48x or 52x, A grade, ATIP: 97m15s17f

Brands: Fuji, Philips, Maxell, Traxdata, Ridata etc., 48x or 52x

Mitsubishi 48x or 52x, ATIP: 97m34s23f

Brands: Verbatim DataLife Plus (Super Azo), 48x or 52x

Mitsumi 48x or 52x, ATIP: 97m27s58f

Brands: TDK (light blue label), MAM-E, 48x or 52x

Burn at 32x:

Taiyo Yuden 48x or 52x, ATIP: 97m24s01f

Brands: Verbatim Pastel, Fuji (Made in Japan), Maxell (Made in Japan), Plextor, Unbranded, etc., 48x or 52x

Sony 48x, ATIP: 97m24s16f

Brands: Sony 48x (green package)

I can confirm that these media work perfectly in the ND-2500. Excellent quality! (Sony mediacode!) :wink:

Thanks everyone. Keep the info coming :).

At this rate I’m willing to try HP branded CMC. I am in Canada and would prefer to pick the discs up locally.

Verbatim 52X CD-Rs (CMC) will burn at 48X, so the HPs should be OK.

Don’t ever try to burn the current Arita CD media at any speed faster than 16x. You’ll get serious problems, if not during writing then at least readback will be bad. I had a full spindle of them (100 pcs.) and most of them are crap. Nero can’t write them at speeds higher than 16x, it breaks halfway with an error. Prassi ONES can write all of them at 48x, they verify 100% but reading them in another drive takes ages!

Packetloss lists Ritek Grade A as one of the possibilities. Do you guys think that applies to these also? I’m a little leary since the price is so low compared to the other media available. Thanks. Just looking to burn at 48x and don’t want to buy 100 discs for nothing.


Netslider1000, those should burn fine at 48x (RiData = official Ritek brand). Ritek media is generally cheap, so you should not be surprised. If you want cheap media that will burn at 48x, Ritek (A grade) is your choice.

P.S.: Of course quality can vary when it comes to Ritek discs, but that applies to most other manufacturers as well.

Thanks packetloss. Placed an order for those and the 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R. Now if I can just fix my external enclosure problem so I can enjoy the full 16x the NEC 3500 provides… :slight_smile: