What CD-R Manufacturers Are Brand Name Companies Using?

Purchased four 100 Fuji branded CD-Rs made in Taiwan from the closest Fry’s (Downers Grove, IL) and was unpleasantly surprised when they turned out to be Prodisc. :doh: About one out of every six discs are coasters. Last batch I had was Fuji branded Taiyo Yuden discs made in Japan and burned flawlessly. Don’t have a receipt so I can’t return the Prodisc Fujis.

What CD-R brands have you purchased within the past three months and what manufacturers did they turn out to use? Looking for Maxell, Sony, Fuji, Verbatim, Memorex, etc. Are you happy with their quality? Any info would be appreciated. :smiley:

Within the last 3 months…purchased Maxell CDRs (RITEK), and some Verbatim (Made in China) CDRs, which turned out to be Prodisc. Also bought some Sonys (ID’ed as Sony, but no idea who made them for Sony).

They all burned pretty well on my burners (no coasters, put it that way. Only burned a few of the Prodisc Verbs, though).


Suggest lowering your burn speed on the Prodisc. :wink:

Maxell is usually your best bet for decent discs, most often are Ritek.

Hi Bored of Trade,

In the UK I have recently used ( and all have been OK)

Philips branded 52x CDR80 (Ritek)
Verbatim branded 48x AZO DL+ CDR80 (Verbatim MIT)
Plextor branded 48x CDR80 (Taiyo Yuden)



You answered your own question. Fuji MIJs are the way to go if you can find them, steer clear of the MIT stuff as they suck arse. Generally speaking you won’t find the MIJ discs under the Fuji label in anything larger than a 50 pack.

Recently I’ve seen:
Philips by CMC
Maxell by Ritek
Staples by Moser Baer

CD-Rs I’ve gotten hold of recently :

Verbatim 52x (made in Malaysia), Daxon mid
Mitsubishi Crystal Black 48x (made in Taiwan), Verbatim mid, my guess is probably CMC made

Have not tried the Daxon made Verbatims yet, but have used Daxon made CD-Rs before (BenQ) with no problems. The Mitsubishi have been excellent. They are generally regarded as being on the same level as Fujifilm TY CD-Rs.

Be careful!
Last time I bought Maxell they ID’d as Prodisc.