What cd-r for philips cdr 880,

hi, to anybody that has a philips CDR 880 cd recorder,.i am finding it increasingly difficult to find good recordable cd-r or cd-rw ,s for this machine ,.when i first got it i found out a trick to make it record on cheaper data computer cd,s,this was done by loading a genuine audio cd-r etc , and when it recognised the disk i would pull the cd tray gently out with my fingers and load a non audio data disc and then press the record button,.it worked for a few years,.but it wont work using that trick anymore,…so i now have to buy AUDIO cd-r and cd-rw,…as it wont record on to DATA discs anymore,.can somebody tell me where i can get these suitable disks for this philips 880?,…cheers,.:(:doh::D:bigsmile: