What CD format to use?

I drive a 1995 car with an OEM CD player. It plays store bought CDs fine but I am unable to burn a CD and get it to play. I realize the store bought is a different format. I’m wondering if anybody knows what the format is and how I can burn it so I cal listen to my own CDs in the car. I have NERO 7 ULTRA.

Quite a common problem with car steroes.

You create an Audio CD but I’ve found that the crucial thing is the media you use. I’ve found 2 that work 100% for me. They’re both Verbatim - Pastels & Super AZO. You might find the Super AZOs easier to find as a 10pack. I’ve only found Pastels as tubs of 50.

You also need a burner that is good at burning CDs. Obviously a CD-RW should be fine but some DVD burners aren’t very good. My early NECs were quite poor for example.

Some also reckon that the burn speed is important. I’ve used 40x & that’s been fine for me but perhaps start at 24x & take it from there.

There of course is not certainty that a burned Cd-R will ever play in your player.

Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) is a freeware app that’s very simple to use & works well. I’ve never use Nero for Audio or MP3 CDs as I use Roxio.

I’m unable to find anybody on my side of the ocean selling either of these products. Any more suggestions?

You could try some Audio/Music CD-R. These might work.

Make sure you do finalize your audio CDRs… :wink:

Also, sadly, some older car players won’t play any CDR AT ALL. Search the internet to know if your model CAN play CDRs.

Whcih side might that be.:confused: I’ve burnt a ton of audio cd’s and have yet to have one not play in my truck’s player. That’s been 4 different trucks. All Fords but from 2 Vans to 2 Explorer’s. Each had different players. Although the oldest was a 1995 Aerostar Van up to now which is 2004 Explorer. I have Nero 6 but have never used it for audio. I’ve always used Acoustica which has been great. You can get a free 30 day trial of it at www.acoustica.com. Give that a try and see if it works for you. After all, it’s free and your not loosing anything but maybe a disk. Good luck and welcome to the forum.