What CD Burning Software do you recommend?



Hi! :slight_smile:

I have recently formated my HD and re-installed Windows XP and most of the software i use... except for CD-Burning Software. Before the format, i was having trouble burning CD's (i mainly burn audio CD's) and even CD Players (like the PlexTools (1.14) integrated CD-player) reported completly wrong track times and did not play the CD's to the end. I don't know yet why this thing happened. But i believe it was because i tried many CD-Burn programs (installing, uninstalling) and probably some or all of these Software did bad things to Windows registry. :a
I tried Nero, NTI CD Maker 2000, PlexTools, CloneCD, and other titles which i don't remember now.

Plextor UltraPlex max 40 SCSI - firmware 1.05
Plextor PlexWriter 4/2/20 SCSI - firmware 1.04
Tekram SCSI Card DC-390F

Windows XP Professional patched to date.

I would like your opinions on which CD-Burning Software i should install, preferably one which does not mess up the registry or installs "strange" drivers/aspi/etc on the system making it unstable. :rolleyes:

Thank you for your help :bow:




and windows xp aspi isnt exactly β€˜ideal’


For normal burning NTI Cd Maker 2000

For 1to1 copy CloneCd



Clonecd would be your best choice for 1 on 1 copy
if the firmware revision of your plextor was 1.01.
Firmware revision 1.04 is not supported by clonecd.


CloneCD and Nero will do every thing you need.


EZCD Platinum is also fine.


I agree with PaRaNoiD.


Originally posted by darshanjog
EZCD Platinum is also fine.

isnt platinum just the expensive version of cremator?


It is expensive.