What cd burner to get

heres the story, i ordered a oem LTR-52327S but once i hooked it up, it wouldnt install at all. after talking to a few members on this forum we just came to a conclusion that it was dead.

now since i dont want to return it (its a very very far place and shipping is a killer) what would be a good alternative? i want something in the price range of the LTR-52327S but comes with actual drivers on a cd. Also i need it to come with burning software because i dont have any at the moment.

Well, isn’t there any shop around you or in the city that sells computer parts? Why don’t you just go to one of these shops and check out what they have in stock and report back. We’ll go from there.

well my local shops have a huge selection… 2 rows of burners, if they dont have it i’ll order it.

One thing you need to know is that no CD-Burner is going to have drivers come with it. None are needed at all. Perhaps the drive is dead, but could you first tell us what you have done to try and fix it? If it is truly dead you’d probably be better off sending it back and getting a replacement, assuming that the shipping cost isn’t more than the drive itself.

LITEON drives are very reliable but if you are looking for an alternative, the ASUS CRW5232 is a real well built drive and it is also among the quietest. It has been rated quite well in tests done at various sites.

Actually, I would order another LTR-52327S. It sounds like a turbine at full speed, but it’s reliable, fast, and good at dealing with copy protection. If your experience turned you off from Litey for a while, take Arup’s suggestion and look at Asus’ offerings.

i think i’ll stay away from lite-on for awhile.

anyway the first time i recieved the LTR-52327S i plugged it in (slave), my computer didnt detect it while my lite-on dvd reader (master) installed flawlessly. i tried everything, changing cables, making it into the master/slave drive, looking if i have my secondary IDE channel working right. i even tried the drive in 4 of my friends comps. what i i found out is that it slows down windows boot time (about 1 min boot w/it installed).

i dont want to return it because its more of a hassle. i need to send the drive to the nearest lite-on for them to check if it really is dead. then i need to send the company the results. if it really isnt dead im charged 15% restocking fee. the drive was only $32 so i rather skip all the hassle. (sorry that was long)

Get Plextor Premium. With this drive it is impossible to go wrong, except your wallet will feel lonly after purchasing one!

Well you can get a brand new LTR-52327S for $25 with shipping. Check out www.pricewatch.com for the cheapest prices.

wow i just looked up some plextor premium drives and they are about $88, thats enough for me to get a dvd burner

If you want quailty go for plex prem. Sure, its not the cheapest on the market but the gives one good whack to copy protections!

anymore suggestions?

GeekDeal in Ebay has the 52327s, the XJ-HD166s, and a Sony 1.44 floppy drive ( all three–only in Black) for 69 bucks… Plus the shipping charges. I use the XJHD166 to pull data off disc’s because it’s good at it, and then use the 52327 to burn from Image files.
( http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=44953&item=4134006963 )

The other fantastic burner especially for audio is TEAC, absolutely the best when it comes to reliability but it is quite hard to get.

LiteOn makes the best CDRW’s in terms of value for the money. Also, in general, they are very tolerant and will burn to just about any media. Add in tools like K-Probe, Smart-Burn, and media identifier, and you can see why many of us use their cd drives.

 If you want a different brand of drive, wait for a retailer to have one on rebate- I got my last liteon with software for $19.99 at Circuit City after rebates!

 Good luck with your purchase.


The best audio burner but it is pricey.

wow!!! that is pricey… haha my search continues… o yea, might i add that i need it in black too

I will agree with everyone who has said that the LTR-52327S is a great burner.

I might add that the NEC ND-2500A is an excellent CD burner as well as an excellent DVD burner. The NEC even handles old 74-minute TDK cyanine CD-R media that the newer LiteONs simply will not take!


It is pricey but well worth it, I have seen higher quotes on eBay for this burner as it is certainly the best when it comes to audio and is very well built.

Why not give ASUS CRW 5232 a try, they come in black too and are only slightly costlier than LITEON.

Samsung makes cd burners also, but I’ve never heard anything about them. Noone’s really testing pure cd burners anymore. My LiteOn burned some old 12x Fuji 74 min media last week without any problem; I just turned the burn speed down to 16x.