What CD Burner to buy?

Hey all i am just wondering what CD burners would u guys recommened. I need a burner that is fast, will last a while and is able to burn the protected CD’s? I also want a burner that has full support for Alcohol 120% and Clone CD

i have been looking at the new Lite-on 52x32x52 cd burner and it looks very impressive.

Good burners are

LiteOn LTR-52327S
Asus 52(something)
Plextor Premium

All are fast. All will last (a while). All can burn protected CDs. All have full Alcohol, BlindWrite and CloneCD support.

Off the top of my head Plextor Premium is the only one that can copy SecuROM 4.8x. It is abit hit and miss on safedisc. Some do some don’t.

I suggest that you use the search button at the top. There is probably pages of stuff on all three. Pros, Cons and debates.

its the ASUs 5224A

Check the model and Firmware Revision success rates by searching these forums. Some Litey 52x can and some can’t cant read/write SD2.9+