What causes these lines?

i know I ask a lot of questions, but I have lots XD
I’ve seen this before, I searched and couldn’t find anything sooo, what causes these lines?!

The blank media pr0nographer strikes again!

Seriously, the banding effect is probably a result of your drive’s laser changing intensity during the burn. Looks fine to me.

I’m guessing that’s an Audio CD right? For some reason, burnt audio CD-Rs with get this (have seen it on originals too). Pauses between tracks? I dunno. It is normal though.

Ahh OK, thanks guys, this one has NO pauses between tracks!

Yep it’s an audio CD :bigsmile:

Maybe You burn it in Track-At-Once method. Some of mine was similar like that.

Don’t know what cause it but like cd pirate I’ve also seen this on originals and burnt audio discs.

If it’s on the original, it will show up on the burn. Perhaps they are pauses though. Not ones that play on the disc, just purposely spaced out sections where there is no data.

I wonder if anyone actually knows for sure? Wouldn’t mind finding out exactly what they are.

It’s so it’s backward-compatible with record players.

OK I think there IS something wrong with this one! the original looks normal, and is only 38 minutes long, while as this copied one, is 61 minutes long!! Maybe a software issue?

burned using CDburnerXP

Maybe your software is putting long gaps between the tracks. Have you listened it? It’s okay?

I’ve had this with a TYG03 on a dvr-110. I can’t find the scan right now, but the jitter was very high on the ‘dark’ lines. I have no idea what caused it, because it never happened again, but I think the drive was overheated.

I never had it on a DVD. Only CD-Rs with audio.