What causes the video to pixelate and what causes a video to freeze

What causes the video to pixelate and what causes a video to freeze, but the audio keep going. I usually burn it using the max setting using dvdsanta. I used to use staples and hp +r dvd. It still does it using verbatim -r dvd. My dvd player is a cheap no name player, but the same dvd pixelate or freeze at the same place on my computer. Does setting when you burn it has anything to do with it? I do not have any trouble putting video on cd, but take a lot of cd to put what you can on one dvd. Thanks for any help.

You should never burn at maximum speed when burning movies and you should consider burning with a program designed to burn dvds like Imgburn .

What burner do you use.

What speed are the Verbatim rated for.

I would only apply this to 16x media which I always burn at 12x. 4x/8x media I’d burn at the rated speed.

Me too. :slight_smile:

But saying that, I’ve got some 16x media (TDK branded CMC MAG. M01) that burns better at 8x shrugs

Pixelation is caused when an image is increased to a resolution beyond that which it was originally recorded, probably not what you are asking about. The image will break up and occasionally freeze when the player is having trouble reading the data. This is usually due to write errors of some type, or scratches. In your case, you probably have errors during your burn process. Post your media code, your burner and firmware, and your burning software.

There’s is always the odd exception and the converse is also true. I’ve burned 8x Taiyo Yuden T02 disks at 12x & 16x with great results, but then this is probably one of the best media ever.

one of the main things that causes the problem you stated is cheap disk.