What causes skipping dvd,s

Hello all. New to burning DVDs. Copied a lot of movie this week while gifts were received. Copied Bourne Ultimatum and Planet Earth. Tried to watch both today and they are skipping a lot all threw. This ever happen to any one else? What caused this? Other movies I copied months ago work fine. I am using DVD shrink and roxio to burn. Just moved to new house last week also doesn’t think that would cause anything. Thanks for helping a newbe and Happy New Year

Most probable cause, lousy blank media, but there could be other causes. How does the file you have play in the computer?

I’ll echo beef barley’s response. The skipping is most likely caused by poor quality blank disks. What speed did you use to burn them?

Using a great deal of compression with Shrink can cause artifacts and pixelation sometimes, but you generally won’t get skipping just from it.

My skipping stopped a few years ago when I started buying Taiyo Yuden made in japan from supermediastore. Cost a few pennies more than the other brands I was using but I have never had one skip on me.

Poor quality blanks or even quality blanks that your drive doesn’t support well is most liklly the cause like others are saying. What kind of disks are they and what is the media code (use dvd identifier to read the media code).