What causes problems?



Is there anything in particular to avoid in order to prolong the life of your DVD recorder? I assumed that this isn’t anything to worry about on a digital machine because there’s no contact, but one thing I find myself doing occasionally is leaving my DVD recorder on pause in the record mode for ridiculous amounts of time; I’ll sometimes be recording something and I’ll put it on hold so I can quickly resume recording after commercial breaks, etc., and I’ll find I’ve inadvertently left it like that overnight. :doh:
OMG! Like, totally stupid?? …what ever, dude. :o


I believe with the DVD-RAM disc, the drive is always spinning anyways when power is on. Pausing on a recording shouldn’t do much difference except it won’t trigger any sleep timer you may have.


Hi, I have the ES20. Is there a way to pause recoding so as to switch to another media foramt etc?