What causes high error rates?



Recently bought another DVD burner, hoping that my 20-50% Disc failure rate would be gone. It hasn’t, the results are exactly the same as the previous burner, so I don’t think it’s the burner fault. The AVI files work that I am burning, but 1 second to 1 minute of data is missing from the files. It is never occurs on more than 1 or 2 files out of the 20+ files, and that’s out of about 100 failed DVDs I’ve done.

What can I do to troubleshoot this situation? I moved the Burner onto the HDD IDE cable, though it didn’t work at all then. I’m now trying to burn at 4 speed. Checked to see of motherboard drivers were updated, they were, read something about making sure DMA is on, it is.

I’m using DVD-R media, I’ve tried +R before on my old burner, but it would burn and then not read the data. Using TDK discs atm, I have tried many different types of discs, all to have the same error rate.

Currently have a LG GSA-4163B

Edit - Burning at 4 speed gave me one crc error, that’s now three failed discs in a row
Edit - One more newbie question

I’ve noticed with Nero the veification stage takes 14 minutes compared to using CDCheck at 8 minutes, which is better to use to verify the data? Or is it the same? Would be nice to save 6 minutes each dvd.


I can only give some general answers, as I don’t work with AVI files or Nero. First off, check your DMA setting and what the drive manufacturer says it should be versus what you have. Here’s how to see what DMA setting you have:

start>control panel>system>hardware tab>device manager>click + sign by IDE/ATAPI controllers and you should see something like “Primary IDE channel” and “Secondary IDE channel” then right click on one of those and choose ‘properties’>advanced settings. Then you’ll have a screen that looks something like the picture below (Windows XP). I have two burners on my 2nd IDE (80 pin cable) cable/channel, the master being the Plextor px-716a and the slave being the Pioneer DVR-108. Both are supposed to say “DMA if available” and their DMA settings should be “Ultra DMA 4,” which both are. Check your drive manual and see if the DMA settings are what they should be.

It could be something simpler, like the media. Checking the company’s website for its list of ‘recommended media’ is important, as each burner has a wider or narrow range of ‘acceptable media’ to use on it. In fact, some will burn certain 8x media faster at 12x or even 16x, because those manu’s have done more testing with those brands.

Usually LG is very solid. If they have a tech support #, call it and have them lead you through how to set it up and check your settings. they can recommend more things, perhaps even certain tests to make sure it is not the drive. They may help you find there’s some program conflict from the software you’re running as well.

There’s some ideas. Hope it’s helpful


Under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers I have ‘NVIDIA NFORCE CONTROLLORS’ which doesn’t give me any of the DMA options.

Though I did check the Bios to see if DMA was on, and it was.

I moved my previous Samsung burner to my other computer, and have just burnt a disc with it. This burner was giving me 100% faulty discs before I replaced it, with the same media I am using, TTG02. With a whole different machine, I received the same CRC error on just 1 file, where a few minute is missing in the AVI file.

So I guess it can be now, 2 Computers with the wrong setsup…2 Faulty Burners or hopefully, maybe this 50 stack of TTG02 (TDK) discs is faulty. I will go out and buy a few different brands now so I can deter whether it is faulty discs causing this.


Elsewhere on the forum you’ll find lots of reports of issues with Nvidia Nforce drivers. These seem to cause many of the burning problems that people experience.
Do a search on the forum & you’ll probably find your answer.


Most of the Nforce fixes seem to revolve around having the latest motherboard drivers, as I have had them for the last 7 to 8 months, it doesn’t help me at all. My other machine isn’t Nforce motherboard, so hopefully it’s these TDK discs that are causing it.

If I move the Sony drive to the non-nforce computer, I bet the same problems will occur as it did with the Samsumg.

I just got my first successful burn in a few days with DataStream DVDs, which are CMC. I have 9 more dvds left of these, so I will burn the 9 left ro see if the error rates are gone. Fingers crossed.

DataStream and the TDK are the only 50 bundles I can buy here, TDK at $33 AUS and DataStream at $60. I always thought the TDK were higher quality.


5 DVDs now with a 100% success rate. I am guessing the fault lies within the TDK discs. They caused errors on both the Samsung and the Sony burner.

So it was something simple after all. >< Now to bin 40 TDK discs! Already 30 in there. :smiley:

I’m off to annoy the person who reccommended me TDK discs and told me to stay away from CMC. :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help!


In general, TDK are usually much better than CMC. Especially if the TDK are Made in Japan (MIJ). Think you just got a bad batch.


Tdk disks can actually be cmc or several other things. Find out the media code to see what they really are as they may be cmc and your drive doesn’t like it.