What causes 760A Jitters (high blue spikes)like this?

What causes 760A Jitters (high blue spikes )like this? I am gettingi very jittery about keepinig this drive. This is a graph of a movie a burned at 8x
using 16x Verbatim MCC004 +R media.
Movie stalls are varuious points when I play it back in a console.
Any Sugesstions are welcome. :bow:

Does anyone know what the Jitters graph is telling me?
It doesn 't look too normal. And does a bad jitters like this affect the reading of the final burn? My DVD player and DVD rom drives have no problem reading this movie.
So is this test Bogus or what?

Iโ€™m not totally sure but such results are either the cause of a bug in Plextools or (more likely) you using your computer heavily for other purposes while scanning.

Do other tests show this too. If every test shows results like this there might be something to it, but not if itโ€™s a singular result.

Thanks HWP
I noticed every time I opened another explorer window while I was doing a Jitter test
A Blue line would spike up the graph. Guess itโ€™s a bug in Plextools.

use latest version of plextolls.