What case for a newbie?

hi guys, after looking at reviews etc i have picked up to know couple of cases what case would you think i should get as a newbie builder?

antec p183
corsair (monster)
lian li a71f
zalman hs1000

i love the corsair but it does not do well with air cooling, i dont want to go to water cooling as yet!


hi i dont like the look of that! its the hs2 1000 model! forgot to put that! but cant find any good reviews?


Here is the one I used last year for my first build, has 80mm fan in the front 120mm fan in the back side vent the front of the case has a foam padding to catch dust.

case has lots of room to work with. when you are setting up the screws for the MB all the holes have a letter next to them to let you know what form factor MB needs screws where.

last week when I took out my video card to clean out the case I broke the plastic tabs that hold it in place so I just grabbed a mounting screw from a PC that does not work any more

If I ever need a new case I will probably use another one of these

What is your budget
This is my personal favorite as of now

budget for case is £200 so i am thinking of one i have mentioned!